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In the industry for more than 60 years, Arplast distributes plastics, medical supplies and your packaging needs of excellent quality. Our supply includes reclosable zip top bags, specimen bags, open end poly bags and gift shopping bags.

More recently our product line expanded to include medical supply items. We supply hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities with Dirose brand medical exam gloves as well as incontinence products such as diapers for adults. View our full product line by browsing the categories on our website.

Plastic Deli Saddle Bags

Deli bags are perfect for storing, serving, and displaying deli meats, cheeses, and sandwiches, as well as bakery bagels or rolls and seals securely for optimal freshness. Deli bags saddle pack design will keep your restaurant or deli efficient and productive. Bags are durable and won’t tear easily, allowing your clients to take their favorite deli foods with them.

Patch Handle Gift Bags and Shopping bags

Gift bags with patch handles are a great way to pack customer’s gift purchases. These bags are available in a variety of colors, are pretty bags with the option to have your store name printed on them. Alternatively, the patch handle gift bags are available with a “See You Soon” shopping message or “Precious Gift For You” message or any other message of your choice. The patch handle on the shopping bags are reinforced for long lasting and extra durability. Gift shopping bags are great for selling gifts, greeting cards, stationery and are good for packing books and magazines. Bags packed in 1000 bags per box and are economically priced to meet any budget.

See our variety of Gift Shopping Bags: Ziplock Gift Shopping Bags, Patch Handle Shopping Bags, “Precious Gift For You” Gift Shopping Bags“See You Soon” Preprinted Gift Shopping Bags


Hang Hole Reclosable Bags

The Reclosable Hang Hole Bags are available in 2 mil and 4 mil gauge and come in a variety of sizes. All bags feature a ziplock closure for easy sealing contents in the bags. Use hang hole bags to hang items on display with contents clearly visible. Custom sizes and Custom printing available upon request for the Reclosable Hang Hole Poly Bags. Minimum order requirements apply.

Hang Hole Ziplock Bags are available as: 2 mil Hang Hole Ziplock Bags and 4 mil Ziplock Hang Hole Bags

Personal Belongings Bags & Medical Bags

Personal Belongings Bags have common and frequent use in all areas where patients are admitted to the hospital for emergency or clinical procedures. They provide a convenient packaging solution for collecting and storing patient belongings. These bags are a must have for every hospital for patient convenience. Arplast Poly Bags can also customize these bags with your facility’s name, logo, and other important information printed on each bag to advertise your facility wherever bags are carried.


Open End Flat Poly Bags

Open end plastic bags may be used for any and all uses. Arplast Poly Bags stocks these flat plastic bags for immediate shipment. These high quality bags are made of polyethylene plastic using virgin polyethylene film that meets FDA and USDA requirements. Choose the plastic bag gauge and size for your need, or order your custom made size. And don’t forget, you have the option of printing your company logo or information on the plastic bags too!
Open End Plastic Bags are available in an assortment of styles: 1 mil Clear Plastic Bags1.5 mil Clear Open End Plastic Bags2 mil Clear Plastic BagsWicket Bags

Polypropylene Reclosable Zip Top Bags

Impress your customers by packaging your products in crystal clear bags. Polypropylene bags offer higher clarity than polyethylene bags to enhance product visibility similar to cellophane bags. These bags are sealable using the ziplock closure to keep bag contents clean and moisture free. Enhance the appearance of your products further by adding custom printing of your logo and product details to these clear reclosable bags which meet FDA and USDA requirements.


Sandwich/Silverware Bags

Putting together utensil kits starts with a silverware plastic bag. Silverware bags are plastic bags sized for packing cutlery, plastic cutlery, and utensils. When transporting, temporarily storing, or dispensing silverware and plastic ware utensils, use these silverware bags. These plastic bags are ideal for use in your restaurant, cafeteria, or deli. Sold 1000 bags per dispenser box at affordable prices.

See Here: Sandwich BagsSilverware Bags

Recycle Logo Zip Top Bags

Reclosable bags with Recycle Logo are a must have for many department stores to meet specs for shipping products to their clients. Each bag features a prime quality zipper closure that will protect its contents and keep products clean and moisture free. The recycle logo plastic bags are printed with recycle logo in black ink on front of bag. With over 300 sizes in stock, you’ll find a bag for every conceivable use.


Specimen Transport Bags

Hospitals and other major medical institutions use these Specimen Bags in their labs and clinics. Bags are available in plain, biohazard print, or custom printed made to order to meet your specifications. Bags are marked with biohazard symbol and have zipper seal to prevent specimen leakage. Grip ridges on the specimen bags allow Hospital and laboratory staff to easily open them even while wearing gloves. Some specimen bags are designed with a separate document pouch keeps documents clean and close to specimen in transport and storage.

Specimen Bags Include: Clear Specimen Transport BagsSpecimen Bags with BioHazard LogoPrivacy Pouch Specimen BagsSpecimen Bags with Stat Red TintSpecimen Bags with BioHazard Symbol and Back Flap

Reclosable ZipTop Bags

Reclosable ziplock bags are used for a variety of applications including food products, housewares, cosmetics, laboratory samples and any other conceivable use. The FDA has approved these bags for safe food storage. All the clear, zip lock poly bags, listed on this page are available in a variety of sizes to fit your product size. These plastic bags feature an easy to open & close zip top closure to protect products from dust and moisture. Order reclosable bags with your custom design printed to brand your products and display them on retail shelves.

Reclosable ZipTop Bags are available in these styles and gauges, each in a selection of sizes: 2 mil Clear Ziplock Bags2 mil Ziplock Bags with Write On Block4 mil Clear Reclosable Bags4 mil Reclosable Bags with Write On BlockZipTop Bags with Suffocation Warning


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