Simple Steps to Using Plastic Bags Safely

Simple Steps to Using Plastic Bags Safely

The plastic bag is a great bag! It is both lightweight and flexible, can be waterproof and airtight, and is usually transparent. Its use varies from industrial to personal. About a million plastic bags are used every minute globally! Plastic bags are used around the world in a variety of sizes and gauges with popular bags produced in 1-2 mil gauge.

Plastic bags are used for snacks and foods. Its endless list of uses include supplies, crafts, groceries, trash, packaging, freezer bags, pastry bag & frosting dispenser, gardening supplies, and so many more. Plastic bags are made open end, ziplock, reclosable bags, bags for specimen, shopping and trash bags and a variety of types of bags. Plastic bags are so popular, they became a necessary household item in every home; a necessity in each business, a staple we cannot function without.

Safety Use of the Plastic Bag:

Since plastic bags are so popular, and injuries can occur from misuse when infants and young children get tangled or covered with a bag, legislation in several states made it mandatory that all products sold and shipped in plastic bags have a warning notice printed on the bag. The warning, directed to parents and caregivers raises an awareness on the dangers plastic bags pose to children who may play with the bag, cover their faces, and choke. Plastic bags should therefore be kept away from babies and children at all times. 

Keep using plastic bags safely:

  • Always keep plastic grocery bags and plastic bags out of reach of children. Never leave any sort of plastic bag in or near a baby’s crib.
  • Never cover children’s mattresses or pillows in plastic bags. Use heavy mattress protectors instead.
  • Store toys in heavy duty plastic containers instead of using plastic bags for toys.
  • Plastic bags, a basic item in every household should be stored in an accessible convenient place, yet out of reach of children.

A single product available in many sizes, and styles; open end bags, ziplock sealed plastic bags, bags for deli use, bags for displaying products, gift bags and shopping bags. Plastic bags with hang holes for hanging items on display racks, and high clarity plastic bags for stronger visibility of items on display, bags for medical use, and specimen bags for laboratory testing. They are durable, lightweight, moisture resistant, and reusable and with bags for so many types of uses, plastic bags are a must-have item in every household!

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