12X16, 1 Mil Open End Poly Bags with 1″Lip

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Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 6 in


Introducing the Dirose Flat Poly Bag: Your Lightweight Storage Solution
Discover the Dirose Flat Poly Bag – a versatile storage solution that offers lightweight protection. Crafted from premium 100% virgin polyethylene film, it’s designed for your temporary storage needs with exceptional clarity and reliability.
Key Features:
Premium Material: Our bags are made from low/linear low-density polyethylene, ensuring they are free from sulfur, amine, silicone, latex, BHT, chlorine, and PVC, prioritizing your safety.
Eco-Friendly: The Dirose Flat Poly Bag is recyclable (#4), reflecting our commitment to the environment.
Ideal Gauge: These bags are .001 mil thick, perfect for light-duty tasks, like repackaging, dust and fingerprint protection, and more.
Versatile Closure: Featuring an open-top design, seal them securely with your preferred method, such as a twist tie, bag tape, or heat sealer (sold separately).
Crystal Clear: Transparent and non-toxic, these bags offer easy visibility and item safety.
For all your storage needs, choose the Dirose Flat Poly Bag. With larger quantity quotes available, we’ve got you covered. Prioritize quality and safety – opt for Dirose.

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