Medical Specimen Bags Clear

Clear Specimen Bags by DiRose are three wall reclosable bags with attached document compartment. They are completely clear so the contents are the specimen bags are clearly visible. These bags feature an attached pouch that holds the patient’s medical records or lab documents. This allows important paperwork to remain with the specimen during transport without risk of contamination, and prevents patient information from being compromised.

Reclosable specimen bags protect health care workers from specimen leaks as well as keeping its contents free from contamination such as dirt or moisture. Biohazard specimen transport bags are available in several stock sizes or custom order to your exact specifications.

Specimen Bags Types: Specimen Bags w/Biohazard LogoSpecimen Bags Biohazard Logo w/Privacy PouchSpecimen Bags Red Tint StatSpecimen Bags with Back Flap

6X9, 2 Mil Three Wall Medical Transport Specimen Bag$32.67
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