Patch Handle Shopping Bags - Unprinted

Use the Patch Handle Shopping Bags to allow your customers to carry their gift purchases in a pretty, durable shopping bag. The patch handle allows for convenient carrying, they are reinforced for long lasting and extra durability. Order these bags with your custom imprint such as store name and information, and these patch handle shopping bags will serve as an advertisement for your store.

Gift shopping bags are great for selling greeting cards, stationery, wine, books and magazines and any other gifts, these gift bags are very sturdy and almost never rip making them ideal for heavy gifts. Bags packed in 1000 bags per box and are economically priced to meet any budget.

Patch Handle Bags are made of highly versatile LDPE and have reinforced patch handles. The larger sizes also have a 4″ gusset bottom that opens to provide a better fit, allowing larger items to slide into the bag easily. These gift shopping bags are made in a variety of sizes and many colors.

Preprinted gift shopping bags also available

9x12, White LD Patch Handle Bags- Unprinted$59.60
12x15, White LD Patch Handle Bags- Unprinted$88.30
15x18x4, White LD Patch Handle Bags- Unprinted$63.50
Out Of Stock
18x18x4, White LD Patch Handle Bags- Unprinted$73.00
20x20x4, White LD Patch Handle Bags- Unprinted$89.10
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