Plastic Deli Saddle Bags

Plastic Deli Saddle Bags are 10 x 8″ and made of high quality LDPE. These deli bags are a must have addition to any deli or restaurant. They are designed to protect your food products from moisture and ensure freshness and are shipped pre-opened for saddle stand use and ease of deli handling.

Saddle Deli Bags are pre-printed “Deli Bag”, with closure choices: ziplock closure deli bag or 2″ flip top closure on bag. 

10X8, HD Printed " Deli Bag" with 2" Flip. For Saddle Stand Use, Pre-Opened$19.90
10X8, LD Reclosable Zip Lock Style Printed " Deli Bag" with 1" Flip. For Saddle Stand Use$22.50
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