Arplast Poly Bags Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Arplast’s poly bags made of?

Our entire selection of superior quality Reclosable Zip top bags as well as the Open End Poly Bags are made of Low Density Polyethylene.

Do you also carry bags which are made of any other materials?

Yes. We also carry Reclosable Zip Locking Bags made from Polypropylene. These are available here on our website at the Polypropylene Poly Bags section. These are also made of high quality materials and meet FDA and USDA requirements.

What is the difference between the Polyethylene and Polypropylene  Bags?

The Polypropylene material offers higher clarity than the Polyethylene bags. Therefore, the polypropylene zip top bags are suitable for use when the product being stored needs to be clearly visible.

Are all of the poly bags in stock and available for immediate shipping?

Yes, all items displayed on our website are in stock in our warehouse and available for immediate shipping. Any poly bags or products that are not available will be displayed on our website as “out of stock”.

Is there a minimum quantity for bag orders?

Our minimum order quantity for most of the poly bags listed on our website is as few as 1000 bags of each kind. Some bags are available in smaller quantity such as the patch handle gift and shopping bags which can be purchased at a minimum of only 250 bags. Look for quantity / case in the product description of each individual bag.

What is the thickness of the reclosable bags?

Our reclosable bags are sold in either 2 mil gauge or 4 mil gauge. 2 mil is standard thickness of a bag, and 4 mil bags are much thicker bags. When selecting the bags for purchase, choose the thickness of your choice.

What does WB stand for and what is its meaning?

WB stands for white block. Arplast’s WB bags, namely the reclosable ziplock bags – Write on Block have a 4 inch white opaque strip across the center of the bag for easy writing and labeling. These bags are also made of virgin polyethylene film come in 300 different sizes which are in stock and available for immediate shipment. WB ziplock bags may also be ordered for a custom size.

How do I measure the size of the reclosable bag?

To accurately measure the size of reclosable zipper bags, measure the bag until the zipper for its length, and measure from side to side for the bag width. Size of bags are listed in our catalog in inches, measuring width x length. To ensure you are purchasing bags large enough to fit your product, we suggest you order bags that are a bit larger than the item which will be placed into them.

Which carrier do you use for shipping the bags?

Most orders are shipped via UPS. For large quantity orders we offer truck freight which may be cheaper for the consumer.

Are the reclosable bags water proof?

While not completely waterproof, our reclosable zip top bags are water resistant.

Are your bags FDA approved?

Yes. All of our reclosable zip top bags, hang hole reclosable bags, and open end poly bags meet FDA and USDA requirements for food and pharmaceutical packaging.

Are the zip top bags easy to open?

Our reclosable zipper bags have a one inch lip on top of the zipper with one side higher than the other. This makes it very easy to open the bags. The lip also has anti grip lines which also keeps your fingers from slipping while opening the bags.

Is there a minimum order quantity for bags ordered with custom print?

The minimum quantity required for print orders depends on the size of the bags and how many print colors are needed. Call us at 718-834-8400 or email us at sales@arplastpolybags.com to get a price quote and minimum quantity required for print orders. Please specify the bag needed as well as the print colors.

Can I print only one case?

Yes. When ordering an 8×10″ bag or larger, and one color print.

Do you hot stamp?


What type of specimen bags do you have?

We carry specimen bags with zipper closures. Specimen bags are available in clear or with Biohazard Symbol in English and Spanish. These bags are also available with black privacy pouch, or with STAT printing on red tinted bags. Arplast’s specimen bags come in various sizes in different designs ranging from 6×9 to 15×18. Custom printing on specimen bags is available upon request.

How many sizes specimen bags do you have in stock?

We carry and stock specimen bags in 6×9″, 8×10″, 9×12″, 13×15″ and 15×18″. Contact us to request custom sizes of our specimen bags.

Do the specimen bags have a pocket for documents?

Yes. We carry two types. One pocket is open and one has a fold over flap to protect the document further.

What colors are the specimen bags?

There are different types of specimen bags: The Biohazard Specimen Bags are clear with two color print, red and black. The STAT specimen bags are tinted red with black print.

Are your printed bags safe for the environment?

We use only water based ink in printing on our bags to help protect the environment.

What else does Arplast sell besides for poly bags?

In addition to our extensive line of bags in all shapes and sizes, all available in different gauges, Arplast Poly Bags carries a full line of disposable medical supplies, adult diapers, bandages, gauze, specimen containers and latex, vinyl, or nitrile gloves. Look out for the DiRose Brand’s premium quality products all available on our website.

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