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2 Mil vs. 4 Mil Resealable Bags

2 Mil vs. 4 Mil Resealable Bags
2 Mil vs. 4 Mil Resealable Bags

Among all the different types of plastic bags in the world, resealable plastic bags are arguably the most versatile. The reason why is simple: you can open and close them as many times as you want to keep foods and items fresh, clean, and free from oxidation. In the following sections, we’ll talk about some of the differences between 2 mil and 4 mil resealable bags, as well as discuss some of the benefits of resealable bags as a whole.

2 Mil Bags

These resealable plastic bags are durable, come in various sizes, and are perfect for storing all kinds of items – from battery chargers to ink cartridges and even business cards. They are also perfect for gem stones and jewelry. When purchasing online, you’ll be able to buy 2 mil bags in bulk quantity. They are usually made of clear plastic, and those sold by Arplast Poly Bags will meet FDA requirements. The 2 mil bags are slightly less thick than 4 mil bags.

4 Mil Bags

These are better-known for their thickness. They are composed of high quality materials that makes them perfect for storing snacks. They too are often clear and are composed of strong material (plus they can be purchased in bulk). As their name might imply, 4 mil bags are 4 millimeters in thickness, making them a bit stronger than their 2 mil counterpart. So these resealable bags work better for storing heavier items, as well if you will be handling the bags frequently, or storing items for a longer period of time.

Which Bag Thickness Works Best?

Determining which bag thickness is right for you (2 mil vs. 4 mil bags) starts with asking yourself the right questions. For example, are you willing to spend a little more money for the additional amount of thickness in 4 mil bags? Do you even need resealable plastic bags that thick? If all that you’re going to be doing with the bag is storing lightweight items for a short period of time then 2 mil bags will probably serve you just fine. However, if you find that you’re going to be storing heavier items, you should probably invest in the 4 mil resealable plastic bags, even though these cost a bit more.

How often will you be handling the bags? Everyday? Once per week? The frequency by which you handle the bags can help determine which ones you should purchase. For example, if you’re going to be handling your bags frequently, then you might want to acquire something a little thicker (like the 4 mil resealable plastic bags). Likewise, if you think that you won’t be handling the bags that often then 2 mil resealable plastic bags will serve you just fine. By asking yourself these questions beforehand, you’ll be able to make the best possible decision between these two bag thicknesses. If anything, you can always invest in both and use them alternating as needed!

The Many Advantages of Resealable Plastic Bags

In today’s world, resealable plastic bags can be used for just about anything. For example, if you run a home-based business then you can use them to ship products. If you’re trying to lose weight, then you can use them to create pre-made snacks and meals, each of which contain a pre-specified amount of calories. Since these plastic bag types are resealable, they can be used over and over again!

If you had to boil their purpose down, you could say that resealable plastic bags are primarily designed to be opened and closed quickly and easily. Their durable build means that you will experience minimal leakage or loss, even when the product is being transported. These bag types will ensure that all types of products will remain intact and safe during every stage of the packaging and transportation process.

By using resealable plastic bags, you’ll show that you actually care about the environment. Since they can be used over and over again, you won’t need to throw them away after using them once. This means that they will be less likely to end up in a landfill or in the ocean, potentially harming the environment. In today’s “going green” world, resealable plastic bags can definitely have a positive effect on the environment.

Finally, if you run a company, resealable plastic bags can help you increase the amount of professionalism that you convey to customers. They are customer-friendly, and by ordering resealable bags with your custom logo or message preprinted on them, these bags can even play a role in brand development. Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with either 2 mil or 4 mil resealable plastic bags.

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