10 Useful Ideas For Using Reclosable Bags

10 Useful Ideas For Using Reclosable Bags

Beyond the basic functions of keeping foods frozen or fresh, reclosable plastic bags actually serve many other practical and fun purposes. From using them to marinate meat to having a safe place to store on-the-go snacks, they offer many benefits that most people simply aren’t aware of. In the following sections, we’ll cover the many advantages of reclosable plastic bags.

Use #1: Marinating Meats

This can be done by taking all of your ingredients and placing them inside of ziplock bags, then letting them sit overnight. For instance, if you place a thawed steak into a plastic bag filled with your favorite spices, it will taste much better when you cook it since the flavors were absorbed in the meat.

Use #2: Create a Piping Bag

Cake decorators often use piping bags as a way of getting the frosting on the cake in an artistic fashion. But those bags are quite expensive. By cutting off the edges of reclosable plastic bags, you can turn it into your very own (and inexpensive) piping bag – and it can even be re-used repeatedly.

Use #3: Funnel

Do you need a funnel but don’t have one readily at hand? If so, simply turn your plasic ziplock bag into one. Again, snip off a corner, and tuck the end into the narrow mouth of a container. Finally, pour the items into the open end of the plastic bag to deliver them into the container without creating a mess in your kitchen.

Use #4: Shipping Items

These days, it isn’t uncommon to find people making a living selling things on eBay. And even if you don’t ship things for a living, using ziplock bags to ship items can be an inexpensive way to keep them protected from the elements. You can be even more creative and place a straw into the opening of the plastic bag, blow it up, and then seal it with air still stuck inside. This will add a great deal of protection to the item inside the bag.

Use #5: Packing Toiletries

A ziplock bag can definitely be a packer’s best friend. One primary way that you can use them is to pack your toiletries before going on a flight. The last thing you want is each individual toiletry rolling around inside of your carry-on bag with no structure. There have been instances in which shampoo bottles have exploded at certain altitudes while on planes leaving everything in the luggage bag in a soapy mess. By keeping soaps and shampoos in a sealed plastic bag, you decrease the chances of having your clothes ruined. On the same token, reclosable bags can also be used to zip up individual pairs of shoes or even socks so that you can keep them separate from your clothes.

Use #6: Unclog a Shower Head

This is perhaps one of the more creative uses for reclosable plastic bags. To unclog a shower head, simply fill the bag with white vinegar, and then place the shower head inside (you can use rubber bands to hold them together). Leave it there overnight and the next morning you’ll have an unclogged showerhead!

Use #7: Store Beads and Accessories

If you’re an avid bead enthusiast, chances are good that you’re always searching for an efficient and budget-friendly way to store your beads. Reclosable bags will provide you with a great way to store your beads. You can even label each bag with the type of bead that’s in there and then sort them accordingly.

Use #8: On-The-Go Snacks

There’s nothing more appetizing than being able to eat while on-the-go. With ziplock bags, you can munch on your favorite snacks (crackers, pretzels, chips, etc.) all while going about your day. The reason why reclosable plastic bags are ideal for this is because you can pre-make them with certain foods and calorie amounts. This can help with portioning if you’re trying to be conscious about your diet.

Use #9: Quarantine Smelly Diapers

If you spend a lot of time around small children, reclosable bags are the best way to quarantine smell diapers. It’s also a great way to keep those smelly clothes separate from all the others. A similar use would be to use them to pick up pet droppings in a public setting.

Use #10: Keep Board Games and Puzzles Organized

The final use we list here for reclosable plastic bags is the fact that they can help you keep all of your puzzles and board games organized. There’s no doubt that over time, pieces to both of these will go missing. In some cases, they even mix together, and this creates confusion and frustration. With ziplock bags, you can store the pieces of each individual game into their own container. This not only guarantees that they won’t get lost, but it also prevents the pieces from getting mixed together.

Use your creativity to find more useful things to do with ziplock bags, or use them spontaneously, whenever the need for a bag comes up and add their uses to this list!

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