10 Essential Uses for Open End Plastic Bags

10 Essential Uses for Open End Plastic Bags

Are you someone who prefers plastic bags at checkout rather than paper ones? If so, you might be happy to hear that plastic bags can also be used for a variety of other purposes. In the sections that follow, we’ll provide you with ten fun and unique ways that you can use open end plastic bags in your own home! Let’s get started.

Overview of the Uses for Plastic Bags

Despite what people believe, plastic bags can be used for an incredibly large amount of things around their home. They’ve been reincarnated in a million different ways, some of which are efficient and useful, and some of which are funny and entertaining. Here are the ten most common ways that people use them: 

  • Alternative Trash Bags: We’ve all experienced that moment when the stores are closed and there are no more trash bags in the house. Fortunately, open end plastic bags can serve as reliable trash can liners. In fact, it doesn’t need to be a temporary solution either, and can save you hundreds of dollars each year on trash bags! 
  • Pillow Stuffing: As odd as it might sound, some individuals like to participate in something called “Pillow Stuffing” using plastic bags. The part that is even more bizarre is that it works! If you have a pillow that is stiff or uncomfortable, stuffing it with plastic bags will make it much more pliable and malleable when you sleep. 
  • Packaging: If you run a home-based business that requires you to package and ship fragile items then plastic bags can definitely come in handy. Lining your package with plastic bags will ensure that your fragile items don’t break or move around while in transit. 
  • Sealant: Did you know that plastic bags can also be used as a sealant? It’s true. If you have a jar or bottle with a leaky top then placing a bag over the top before screwing them back on will essentially make it tighter. As a result, the items inside will be much less likely to leak out. Same can be done with a baby bottle that is prepared before an outing, and want to avoid leaks in your diaper bag, place a flat plastic bag over the bottle before screwing back on the nipple and cover. Then when it’s time to give baby a drink, simply remove the bag. Your diaper bag will have stayed clean of spills! 
  • Protective Liners: Do you have outdoor lawn furniture that is constantly exposed to the weather? If so, it might be a good idea to line them with open end plastic bags throughout the year and even more so, whenever it is very hot, cold, or rainy. This will increase the longevity of your outdoor furniture and is a cost-efficient way of doing it too. 
  • Beach Companions: Taking plastic bags with you to the beach is an excellent idea for a few reasons. For one, it can provide you with somewhere to store wet beach towels and bathing suits for the ride home. Secondly, they provide you with somewhere to place leftover garbage that may have accumulated throughout your day there.
  • Parking Meter Hacks: This is more of a funny/entertaining tip than anything, and shouldn’t be attempted unless it is a real emergency! Basically, some people have been known to avoid putting money in parking meters using the following method: they place a plastic bag over the meter, tie it together, and write “broken” on both sides. The end result is them not having to pay the meter. Again, this is not recommended and is primarily shown for entertainment purposes about the potential of plastic bags. 
  • Rubber Glove Replacements: If you don’t have a pair of disposable gloves, and need to deal with something messy that could damage your hands or cause them to smell, using a plastic bag as a glove replacement is a good idea. For instance, they can be used when picking up dog droppings from the ground or to scoop up cat litter that has fallen over the side of the tray.
  • Painting: Whenever you are painting, and want to avoid a mess, flat plastic bags are a good idea to lay your project onto while you work. The bags can be used to help catch a lot of the leftover droplets that otherwise would have fallen on the floor and other furniture. Plus, they can be reused over and over again for this purpose. 
  • DIY Projects: By twisting or braiding a bunch of plastic bags together, it is relatively simple to make yourself a funky purse. Simply do a Google search for “How to make a plastic bag purse” and you will be presented with plenty or DIY options that virtually anyone can do. 

As you can see, plastic bags can be used for a wide range of purposes. Every day, millions of plastic bags are thrown out when they otherwise could have been used for so many helpful uses! While there are thousands of more things that you can do with them, this is a list of some common (and fun) ways to use plastic bags in today’s world.

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